Accounting Career Information

Bentley offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy and a combined program leading to both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in just five years.

Major in Accountancy (AC)

The major in Accountancy program prepares students for diverse careers in public accounting firms, corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations and government. Graduates pursue careers as internal and external auditors, financial managers, tax experts, consultants in CPA or consulting firms, forensic accountants in federal criminal investigative agencies, and more.

Major in Corporate Finance and Accounting (FA)

The major in Corporate Finance and Accounting is a nine course major jointly offered and jointly delivered by the Departments of Accountancy and Finance. It aims to help students develop the key skills required of finance professionals, namely: accounting skills, finance skills, business analysis skills, communication skills, team skills, and business process skills. The combination of courses in accountancy and finance offers students a unique academic background with which to enter the business world. In conjunction with an appropriate master’s degree, this major can prepare the student for the CPA exam as well.

Major in Information Systems Audit and Control (ISAC) 

The major in Information Systems Audit and Control prepares students for challenges and opportunities for accountants who also have expertise in information systems and business process management.