Computer Information Systems Programs

The Computer Information Systems Department offers an undergraduate Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems, an undergraduate Minor in Computer Information Systems, and a graduate Master of Science Degree in Information Technology.

CIS Majors

During the first two years, students working toward their computer information systems degree take courses primarily from the General Education and Business Core, though they are encouraged to begin major courses in their sophomore year. 

To complete the major requirements, students must take the following five CIS courses:

  • CS 150, Data and Information Management
  • CS 180, Programming Fundamentals
  • CS 240, Business Processing and Communication Infrastructure
  • CS 350, Database Management Systems
  • CS 360, Business Systems Analysis and Modeling

Plus three CIS electives chosen from the following:

  • CS 280, Object-Oriented Application Development
  • CS 380, Multi-Tiered Application Development
  • CS 420, Operating Systems Use, Technology and Administration
  • CS 440, Advanced Net-Centric Computing
  • CS 460, IS Project Management and Practice

CIS Minors

The CIS Department offers a minor that provides the skills and understanding needed by non-CIS professionals who wish to contribute to information systems initiatives. It complements any business major by adding IT competency to the knowledge and skills you learn in your major studies. The minor focuses on the application of computer technology to everyday business operations and activities. The program requires two courses:

  • CS 150, Data and Information Management
  • CS 213, World Wide Web

An additional six hours of computer information systems (CIS) electives completes the minor requirements. The two electives can be taken from the list of courses for CIS majors shown above and also include courses designed for CIS minors (e.g., CS 314, Web Technologies & Trends). Students typically choose their minor courses depending on their interests.

Learning Goals and Objectives

Find out more about the learning goals and objectives for the Computer Information Systems major.