Majors and Minors

• Media and Culture Major
• Liberal Arts Major, with a concentration in English
• Liberal Studies Major (LSM) in Media Arts and Society
• English and Media Studies Minor

Media and Culture Major
Designed to prepare students for a career in media industries, the English Department's Media and Culture Major combines creative arts with business and information technology. The major addresses the need for creative and business professionals to gain an understanding of the past, present and future of media forms and contents. Unlike media studies programs at other institutions, the Media and Culture Program requires a business minor and culminates in a media-related internship or capstone project. Students in the major take hands-on media production courses that focus on contemporary media, as well as classes that emphasize theory, analytical thinking and critical reading skills, and the study of important literary, filmic, digital and other cultural texts in historical contexts. In the hands-on courses, multiple dimensions of creativity are emphasized, practiced, and developed to support and reinforce theoretical principles presented in related academic courses.

Liberal Arts Major, with a Concentration in English
Students who select the Liberal Arts Major with a concentration in English may choose from a variety of courses in literature, cinema studies, creative writing, or communication. An English concentration is flexible, allowing students to design a program appropriate for graduate study in a field such as Literature or Communication or to develop the communication skills and broad cultural background knowledge critical to success in business.

Liberal Studies Major (LSM) in Media Arts and Society
The Liberal Studies Major (LSM) is an optional double major for students who are majoring in business. The LSM allows students to make meaningful connections within and across disciplines and to develop valuable skills in critical thinking, creative analysis and communication — skills that are vital to succeed both professionally and personally. Grounded in the discipline of English with a cultural studies approach, the LSM in Media Arts and Society aims to engage students in critical discourse about the uses and effects of modern media, increase knowledge about media technology, and encourage creative thinking through the use of such media. This concentration has a “hands on” component in which students work directly with video, graphic design, digital photography, and sound design in creative ways.

English and Media Studies Minor
A minor in English and Media Studies gives undergraduate students the opportunity to develop expertise in an area of study outside their business major and to receive formal recognition for their efforts. Students pursuing the English and Media Studies Minor take four courses in English and Media Studies beyond the required Expository Writing and Literature courses. They may minor in literature and cinema studies, creative writing, communication, or media and culture. Marketing majors often minor in English and Media Studies to prepare for careers in public relations, while students majoring in management may choose the English and Media Studies Minor to polish communication and public speaking skills.

Learning Goals and Objectives

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