Media and Culture

Centered on the nature of storytelling in all its forms, the English Department’s innovative Media and Culture program combines three essential elements — media and cultural theory, hands-on creative experience, and a solid grounding in the business of media — to give students the critical and analytical skills they need to succeed in today’s media industries.

The mission for the arts at Bentley is to cultivate not only practical knowledge but also creative ability, recognizing that leadership in the world of business requires more than deep knowledge in a single field, as well as technical proficiency. The arts teach students to find their inner sources of inspiration, to take risks, anticipate new possibilities for expression and understanding, and to appreciate ambiguity and uncertainty as opportunities for creative action. Active participation in the arts develop qualitative, collective, interpretive, and nonlinear thinking. In a world increasingly characterized by multicultural interactions, social change, and multidimensional and emerging communication, the leaders of business and community will be those who have the creative vision to innovate.

Students studying media and culture are exposed to these principles through courses offered in the English Department that include, but are not limited to, literature, mass communication, international media, screenwriting, video production, sound design, creative writing, photography, and cinema studies.

Students who wish to major in media and culture have two options. They can pursue a Media and Culture Major, a full-coursework major in the area that has the additional requirement of a business minor; alternatively, they can pursue a Liberal Studies Major with a concentration in Media Arts and Society, which is a double major that encompasses both media studies and a business concentration of their choice. Click the links at right to learn more about these options.