Finance Major Degree Requirements

Finance is the study of the purchase and sale of assets by individuals and institutions and the methods used to fund these transactions. The markets in which these transactions occur and the pricing of the financial instruments are integral to the study of finance. 

Our Finance degree students develop a broad array of analytical skills, attain a thorough understanding of the finance function in different kinds of organizations and gain a global perspective of the institutions and markets in which finance operates. Required finance degree courses focus on the financial environment of business, the decision-making process of corporations, the key principles underlying the investment process, and the expanding international context of financial analysis, portfolio construction, and trading. 

Finance degree students also spend much time outside of the classroom in the Hughey Center of Financial Services. The Trading Room is essentially an information technology laboratory wherein students can access real time financial data and witness markets at work. Students pursuing our Finance degree focus on the applications of information processing technology in financial analysis and risk management.

Finance Degree Required Courses

FI 305 Principles of Accounting and Finance (Sophomore year)
FI 320 Financial Markets (Junior year)
FI 380

Managerial Finance (Junior year)

FI 351

International Finance (Senior year)

FI XXX Four Finance Electives
 Note: FI 320 and/or FI 380 are prerequisites for finance elective courses.

Finance Degree Electives

FI 312 Advanced Topics in Investments
FI 318 Estate Investment Decisions
FI 319 Mortgages and Mortgage Markets
FI 325 Operations of Financial Institutions
FI 327 Insurance and Risk Management 
FI 330 Seminar in Equity Trading
FI 331 Capital Markets
FI 340 Introduction to Professional Financial Planning
FI 370 Seminar in Financial Institutions
FI 385 Corporate Treasury in Finance
FI 392 International Project Finance
FI 398 Advanced Topics in Financial Planning
FI 401 * Directed Study in Finance
FI 402 Seminar/Special Topics in Finance
FI 411 Research Seminar in Finance
FI 421 * Internship in Finance 

* Only One (FI 401 or FI 421) can be used as a finance elective,
not both.

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Learning Goals and Objectives

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