Career Options

The history major is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop a concentration in one region or theme in history as part of a broadly based, globally-oriented major. The history major will equip students with the knowledge and skills required for either graduate study or direct entry into the world of work.

The major consists of eight courses beyond that required for the General Education Core. These include:

  • A minimum of four courses must be organized around a regional or thematic concentration. The regional concentrations include, United States, European, Latin American/Caribbean and or Asian history. Students wishing to design a thematic concentration should do so in consultation with the department. At least two of these courses must be at the 300 level.
  • At least one course in regions or themes outside the concentration.
  • At least one course in non-Western history.
  • History 402, the seminar in history.


History Majors with Business Minors

History majors at Bentley may take advantage of Bentley's integrated curriculum to add a business minor to their history majors. The History Department supports this option. A history major combined with a business minor and history internship provides a particularly attractive program of academic and practical experience along with professional preparation.