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Business is communication, and communication is creative. Organizations know what effective communication can do. Powered by the Information Revolution, they’re hiring expert communicators in record numbers.  IDCC is where the new economy is being built.


The heart of our Major is the imaginative use of media - social, digital and traditional - to shape perceptions.  This is what business demands and what our concentrations offer. 

Visit our Careers page to hear from some of our Alums.

Undergrad majors can choose one of three interconnected career tracks:

IDCC is about businesses and nonprofits; it's about exploring what technology can do; it's about teamwork and creativity. Most of all, it's about people: understanding them, reaching out to them and exciting them.

We include real-world cases and hands-on experience to help you build an organization’s image, to plan events, manage a crisis, go global, launch products, and use digital media imaginatively to make your business or nonprofit compelling — from software to sports, entertainment to energy.

For information about the MSHFID, our world-renowned Graduate Program, click here.


Public Relations

What's PR got?

Options.  You'll learn about consumer PR and many other vital areas of PR activity like crisis communication, issues management, media relations, community relations, public affairs PR, publicity for celebrities, digital PR. 

Growth. PR is rapidly expanding along with the digital media it uses.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects public relations employment to grow 21 percent from 2010-20, faster than the average for all occupations.

Choice. Our IDCC (PR track) majors pursue PR, social media and marcomms careers, with a lot of the vital digital, social media knowledge that comes with the IDCC Major. Take look at our Career Options page for more info.

So, what's PR? One company's take:

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Information Design/UX

And Information Design?

Creativity. Information Design, also known as Usability or User Experience (UX for short), is about the imaginative use of words, graphics and other images to help a business or other organization connect with the people who matter to it. Its tools are social and digital media, the internet and many other technologies.

Rapid growth.  Information Design/UX is a dynamic sector of the economy, and starting salaries reflect the demand. See our Career Options page for more info.

Here's a TED talk about the beauty of vizualizing data (transcript attached)


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Web Design

Good website design connects a business with the needs of its target audiences.  It's about communication, not coding, and it's an Information Age essential.  FYI - some simple suggestions from someone in the business.

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