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Major Courses

All IDCC majors must take speech and web design courses to build verbal and visual skills, as well as choosing electives. Our flexible curriculum is built to help you pursue your personal interests and goals.

Top students can enhance their academic experience by an honors paper, often based on an internship with businesses and nonprofits. Student interns generally work 15 hours a week for a semester in an area related to their studies.

To complete the IDCC major, take eight courses - or seven courses plus an internship.  You'll see our courses below.

To join the IDCC Major, please register online or fill out the IDCC Major form and take it to our Dept Office (Smith 121). When you've done that, arrange a meeting with Dept Chair Simon Moore (smoore@bentley.edu), 781.891.2151, or if you'd like more information about the Major before declaring.



COM 210 Effective Speaking
IDCC 370 Web Design I: Information Design Principles and Practice

You also elect three courses in your chosen IDCC concentration: information design, public relations or web design. These courses include, but aren't limited to:

Information Design/UX/Usability (More UX courses can be found in Web Design)
IDCC 230 Fundamentals of Content Development
IDCC 240 Fundamentals of Visual Communication

IDCC 330

IDCC 390

IDCC 390

Advanced Content Development

Designing Sports Information

Environmental Graphic Design

Public Relations and Corporate Communication:
IDCC 250 Public Relations Theory and Practice
IDCC 255 Public Relations Writing
IDCC 361 Sports Public Relations
IDCC 355 Strategies in International Corporate Communication
IDCC 350 Journalism for the Web
IDCC 360 Public Relations and Information Technology
IDCC 365 Crisis Communication Management
IDCC 390 The Business of Social Media Communication

IDCC 390

IDCC 399

Effective Business Presentations for Communication Professionals

Innovative Consumer PR

Web Design/UX: (More UX courses can be found in Information Design)
IDCC 370 Web Design I: Information Design Principles and Practices
IDCC 375 User Interface Design
IDCC 380 Web Design II: Information Architecture and Site Management
IDCC 385 Elements of Usability & User Experience
IDCC 390c

Web 3.0 and Beyond: Innovations in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Other IDCC course offerings include:
IDCC 320 Managerial Communication
IDCC 325 Communication Theory for Business
IDCC 390 Selected Topics in Information Design and Corporate Communication
COM 320 Intercultural Communication
COM 321 Mass Communication
COM 322 Theories of Persuasion
COM 323 Small-Group Communication
COM 324 Design as Communication
COM 325 Introduction to Linguistics


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Our minor prepares you for careers that need expertise in a business or technical discipline, plus a mastery of communication skills. The minor helps careers advance whatever your expertise, because the higher you rise, the more vital it is to connect with large and influential audiences.

A minor in IDCC has four courses. One is a required Arts and Sciences course, Effective Speaking. The other electives are business-related, again broken down into either information design, public relations or web design.

If you'd like to minor in IDCC, please register online, or fill out the IDCC Minor form, sign it, and send it to the Dept Chair. We'll make sure the form is processed. Please check your DAS within a week or so to make sure that your new IDCC minor is listed.

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Learning Goals and Objectives

Learn more about the learning goals and objectives for the Information Design and Corporate Communication major.