The law is a dynamic force for creating and maintaining a just society. Keeping pace with legal developments and changes particularly those dealing with the intersection of business and technology, a wide range of undergraduate and graduate business and non-business law courses are offered and designed to acquaint students with diverse, domestic/global legal and ethical concepts. Law courses are offered during the fall, spring and summer semesters as well as in the one-week intensive format.

Portfolio of Skills

The program focuses on developing and enhancing skills in critical thinking, problem analysis and solution, and oral, written, and electronic communication. The unique combination of a business education and law mentoring, coupled with the opportunity to take liberal arts courses at Bentley, offers students a background for a law-related career as well as insight into the field of law. Whether or not you plan to pursue a legal career, a minor in law will enhance your understanding of the legal and ethical consequences of your personal and professional actions.