Sustainability Science Learning Goals and Objectives

The Sustainability Science major has three broad learning goals and related learning objectives:

Goal One

Enhance environmental science literacy and its application in business and personal decision-making.


Students will be able to: 

1.1 Explain the cycling of matter and energy through Earth’s natural and human-modified systems.

1.2 Describe ways in which Earth is a complex, dynamic system of interacting rock, water, air, and life.

1.3 Provide examples of ways in which human modification of complex natural and established social systems may lead to unintended consequences.

1.4 Illustrate ways in which human decision-making and natural systems impact one another on various time scales.

Goal Two

Promote active- and problem-based learning in Earth and environmental sciences by incorporating original research through the use of field and laboratory technology.


Students will be able to: 

2.1 Design a research plan for addressing environmental problems.

2.2 Collect environmental field data using appropriate sampling protocols.

2.3 Analyze environmental samples using relevant field and laboratory instrumentation.

2.4 Interpret analytical data measured on environmental samples.

2.5 Report research findings graphically and verbally.

Goal Three 

Integrate and apply scientific knowledge across students’ multi-disciplinary liberal arts & sciences and business curriculum.


Students will be able to: 

3.1. Define the interdependence of the natural sciences and social sciences in decision-making for business, society, and the environment.

3.2. Apply principles of environmental sustainability to business and personal decision-making.

3.3. Evaluate proposals for moving society toward greater sustainability.