Philosophy Major Courses

During the first two years, students who choose a philosophy major take courses from the General Education and Business Core. To complete the philosophy major requirements, they must take 8 philosophy courses, four of which are required:

  • Introduction to Logic
  • Ethics
  • Theories of Knowledge or Theories of Reality
  • Ancient and Medieval Philosophy or Modern Philosophy

The other four courses are chosen from department offerings that include:

  • Problems of Philosophy
  • Business Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Ethics: Philosophy of Work
  • Business Ethics: International Business Ethics
  • Special Problems in Business and Professional Ethics
  • Contemporary Philosophy: Change and Meaning
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Introduction to Mathematical Logic
  • Social Philosophy
  • Existentialism: Meaning, Absurdity and Revolt
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Perspectives on Poverty
  • Directed Study in Philosophy
  • Seminar in Philosophy
  • Internship in Philosophy

Philosophy Minors

Why minor in philosophy at Bentley?
Make the most of your education at Bentley.  Bentley enjoys a reputation as a premier college of business, but at the same time the importance placed on the liberal arts distinguishes Bentley from other schools.

For the philosophy minor, students must take four philosophy courses in addition to Problems of Philosophy.

A philosophy minor can be designed with a particular interest of yours in mind.  For example, if you are interested in the history of ideas, you could complete a philosophy minor by taking the following courses:

PH 101  Problems of Philosophy
PH 215  Ancient and Medieval Philosophy: Nature, Reason and Faith
PH 216  Modern Philosophy: Knowledge and Values
PH 217  Contemporary Philosophy: Change and Meaning
PH 218  Topics in American Philosophy

Or, if you are interested in finance, you could complete a philosophy minor by taking the following courses:

  • Problems of Philosophy
  • Business Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Special Problems in Business and Professional Ethics: Ethical Issues in Banking and Finance
  • Ethics
  • Directed Studies in Philosophy: Ethics and Recent Corporate Scandals

Other popular pairings include management, information design and corporate communication, and marketing. 

“I minored in Philosophy because I understood its benefits in regard to thinking things through rationally. In the business world, the ability to think and communicate is vital to success."   

“Why minor in Philosophy? Let me answer through two questions. Why continue to rely on biased and/or subjective decision-making? Why not learn how to see things differently?”

Julius Babbitt ‘91
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Economic Affairs-Executive Office
Executive Assistant

Fedor M. DeMarchena, Jr. ‘97
Management Major
Philosophy Minor

Ethics and Social Responsibility

LSM Requirements Sample Study Plan |Fall 2012 courses

Coordinator: Jeffrey Moriarty, AAC 115, 891-2085

As future leaders in the world of business, Bentley graduates will have to understand and be prepared to deal with many issues concerning ethics and social responsibility in both work and life. The Ethics and Social Responsibility LSM is grounded in philosophy and designed to give students the opportunity for in-depth study of these issues from theoretical, practical, and cross disciplinary perspectives.

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