Minoring in Sociology

The Department of Sociology seeks to provide students with the training and mentoring necessary to develop critical thinking skills, social and civic responsibility, and an appreciation of diversity and difference.  This is accomplished through developing the student's sociological imagination and focusing their attention on the social dimensions of work, ethics, community and the person.  The department's areas of specialization in workplace studies, ethno-methodology and conversation analysis contribute directly to the integration of Arts and Sciences and business education, and to the need to closely examine the social aspects of technology design, implementation, and use.  In addition, the department provides courses in a range of sociological topics, including diversity, media, culture, community, health and illness, social problems, self and society.

The Sociology Department has three minors:

General Minor in Sociology

Diversity and (In)Equality Minor

Workplace Studies Minor


For more information about the Sociology Minors at Bentley University please contact:

Tim Anderson
Minors Coordinator and Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
Morison Hall Room 149E