The Teaching and Learning Initiative


The Teaching and Learning Initiative (TLI) was established in 2003, in support of the University‚Äôs teaching mission.  Through a generous gift by the Wilder family, the Wilder Teaching Professor appointments were created to lead the TLI by giving two outstanding teachers the resources to focus their efforts and experience on improving pedagogy across the campus.  The TLI capitalizes on the strengths of these two faculty members while building on the strength of the faculty as a whole. The overall objective is to enhance teaching and learning throughout the institution.

The TLI promotes programs such as mentoring and developing faculty on all aspects of classroom performance; promoting and engaging in pedagogical research; serving on campus committees as a voice for effective teaching; running faculty workshops and panels on current teaching issues; organizing and promoting special programs on and off campus; and overseeing and developing teaching resources.   Biannually, the TLI also publishes a brochure highlighting current teaching innovations at the University; the first brochure, Teaching Matters, came out in spring 2009.